Founded in 2016, Catherine Cornelissen’s interior and architectural design studio is driven by a strong belief that good design has the ability to enhance your life and overall wellbeing. While form follows function, the way we interact and live within a space is an integral facet to her design ethos. Understanding how you want to feel in your space is the most important design decision as it will form the inherent foundation for your project.

Catherine's role is to ensure the comforts of home are unique to you by offering a seamless interior design service that focuses on bespoke, considered interiors which encapsulate your dreams. Working closely with you, Catherine will help define your style through patterns, textures and colours that speak to you and source the appropriate fittings and finishes at competitive prices. Catherine hopes to give you the confidence to make key design decisions you may have previously shied away from and create not only functional spaces, but a curated home that is unique to you. 

We all know that feeling when we walk into a friend’s home or a fabulously designed hotel. Catherine aims to translate that feeling into your personal space, but what’s more, to ensure that you feel unique within this space by incorporating colours, furniture and functions that are specific to you and your lifestyle. From high-end residential homes to complete renovations in the countryside, what makes Catherine stands out is her relationship between people and their spaces.

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I like to treat my clients. That’s why when you come home after a renovation or refurbishment, we will make sure there is loo roll in the bathrooms, luxury soap next to every sink, fresh flowers and crisp, clean sheets.
— Catherine Cornelissen